Simonetta Batteiger

Founder & CEO @ Inclusive Leaders

Simonetta Batteiger is a team builder and inclusive leadership expert with more than a decade of experience leading product and business teams in technical contexts. She enjoys coaching people on how to build thriving inclusive teams and loves to help teams find their path to success. She most recently led the expansion of the popular browser extension (eyeo / AdBlock Plus) by scaling distribution through global browser partnerships.

14.00 - 14.45

Red Track 2023 - Online Agenda, 09.00-17.00

Ethics in AI: How to practically get started.

AI products are all around us, they are here to stay and we will likely see more and more of them. And like most tools or products, they can be used for good, or cause harm. How might we practically go about considering ethics in the context of building a product with AI (or any product for that matter). We'll look at a typical product lifecycle and share resources for product teams to make thinking about ethical considerations easy and part of your regular workflow of building products. Please join me if you care about building safe, trustworthy products that have the best interest of humans at heart. There is a ton of potential in building great new products based on AI. Let's build the good stuff, and learn how we might safeguard against unwanted or unintended impact.