PANEL – Scale-up, is the product enough for the up?

As COO of Videobolt, it’s my great honor and pleasure to lead the central panel discussion at the conference on the topic: “Scale-up, is the product enough for the up?”

The main question for the panelists: Is the product enough for the business to scale-up?

We will explore the question from different angles, both from the point of view of the product itself and the team behind it.

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Strategic Skills for Product Leaders

The most successful products get built by teams that work well together and move in the same direction. As a product manager, design lead or product leader, you need to lead your team without authority, ensuring to create products that people love and work for the business.

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Design for everyone

What do I do at and what are the products of We help the world’s largest enterprises accelerate their digital transformation initiatives — connecting software planning, delivery, and application security in the first intelligent Value Stream Platform that provides the end-to-end visibility organizations need to deliver value and drive growth. We have more […]

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