“Serbian Product Community” is a team of professionals from Product Management domain who work on our region becoming a HUB of ideas and creativity on Europe’s business map by helping local companies make original and innovative tech based products.

Our team helps with starting and accelerating this transformation by promoting Product Management related topics and practices, informing, educating, networking and advising both companies and individuals that want to make tech based products for placement on local or foreign market.


  • Building local and regional Product Management community
  • Organizing socializing and events in order to exchange of ideas and experiences
  • Publishing and sharing of different related content
  • Organizing conference, training and workshops

Ana Pegan

Ana Pegan is a Senior Product Manager with over 20 years in IT industry from FinTech companies, outsourcing agencies, startups, consumer and B2B products. Wether she’s working in large companies or startups, Ana loves creating products people love. She’s the main organiser of Serbian Product Community and has a large number of trainings and workshops behind her on different product and organisation related topics.