PANEL – Scale-up, is the product enough for the up?

Writen by Olga Mirković Maksimović

The first ever Roadmaps Conference is a celebration of all that the Serbian Product Community has achieved in the last 3 years: growing to over 2.000 members and hosting over 50 industry events.

As COO of Videobolt, it’s my great honor and pleasure to lead the central panel discussion at the conference on the topic: “Scale-up, is the product enough for the up?”

The main question for the panelists: Is the product enough for the business to scale-up?

We will explore the question from different angles, both from the point of view of the product itself and the team behind it.

The panelists will share their experiences on scaling the whole business, the various challenges they faced and how they solved them. If you’re eager to hear what comes after validating the product idea and solution, after gaining that initial market traction, our panelists are sure to have great insights.

Panel participants are:

Each of the start-ups represented at the panel have a different scaling business model. We will touch on many aspects of scaling a business such as:

  • Scaling from a single location, versus expanding country by country.
  • Challenges of scaling the team: what it’s like when first hiring the sales team, hardware specialists or software developers.
  • Legal and administrative challenges start-ups face as they grow.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of raising investment or pushing on without external funding.

We will also have the opportunity to hear about the specific experiences and successes of each start-ups approach. Stefan from will tell us the secret of how they succeeded in building up the Serbian AI community, now home to Wonderland AI Summit, Serbian AI Society, Anari AI, Angelico and what role the community plays in their business model. CEO of DaiBau group, Martin will tell us his story of expansion through more than 15 countries and how they built an international team. From Darko,  Auto Hub – Infostud grupa, we will hear more about growth perspectives when you are a market leader and how to plan and execute a growth strategy. Ilija Studen, CEO of Active Collab will share his experience from last year on how his team tackled three extremely important challenges: a mobile application, meaningful free plan, and in-app chat. They delivered all three and we’ll get the chance to hear what comes next.

All panelists have proven they know how to create a product and keep it relevant on the market. And this is far from the only thing you’ll have the opportunity to learn about during the conference. More than 14 speakers from various industries will talk on topics like:
– “Product Keywords” – hands on tools used for product development.
– “Product Organisation” – growing a product organisation
– “Product Development” – big ideas related to product development
If you want to hear them, register for the conference.

See you there

Over 20 years of experience in developing business in some of the most successful Serbia classifieds and transactional business. All thanks to a combination of math and communication. phD candidate in multidisciplinary studies at the University of Belgrade, dedication

Olga Mirković Maksimović

COO at Videobolt

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