Vladimir Zdravković

HR Business Partner @ Ananas

An HR professional with nearly 10 years of experience in HR, fell in love with IT in 2018. Vladimir began
his career journey in tech recruitment, where learned about technologies, people, and methodologies.
This experience enabled him to evolve into a recognized HR Business Partner with a focus on the tech
Throughout career, he has been a part of product companies due to his passion for creating in-house
products and firm belief that HR plays an important role in product development by establishing high-
performing teams and fostering the growth of individuals. But also, his involvement goes beyond
traditional HR tasks; testing products, engaging in product discovery, participating in technical
discussions, and even implementing Agile methodologies in recruitment.
Today, Vladimir is a part of Ananas, the largest ecosystem in the region dedicated to complex in-house
software development. Serving as an HR Business Partner for the Tech stream, he finds a perfect match
by bringing previous experiences to a corporate startup that is developing a product used by people
around us.


Networking & Panel In-person, 18.00-22.00

Learning and growth of people in product development

We're looking to explore what way the companies are thinking about product-related roles, how they see the product roles evolving in their organizations, what their plans are and where those roles fit in, what their plans for product development are, what the growth of those roles is, etc.