Olgica Strezoska

Principal Product Owner @ Damilah

Principal Product Owner at the British company Damilah, Instructor and Mentor at one of the Academies for Project and Product Management, madly in love with her job! With more than 8 years of experience in the IT industry, Olgica focuses on empatizing with her customers and team members, as she considers that to be the key when facing the challenge of building successful products. She is a certified Agile professional, who strongly believes in Agile principles, while practicing them in her everyday work. In addition, she loves sharing her knowledge and passion for Project and Product management processes, with her younger colleagues and individuals that are transitioning from a different industry.

10.00 - 10.45

Friday, 27.09.2024 Day 2

How to develop a Product Thinking Mindset?

Developing a product thinking mindset is the foundation for building successful products, regardless of your role. Whether you're an entrepreneur launching a new business, a startup founder, or a professional dedicated to creating great products, this talk is for you. A product mindset is crucial before you start building anything. It helps ensure that you understand customer needs, prioritize value, and maintain a strategic vision. Join this talk if you want to learn how to cultivate this essential mindset and set the stage for product success.

9.00 - 09.45

Blue Track 2023 - Online Agenda, 09.00-17.00

Product Alchemy: Solving problems in a human-centered way

Creating an incredible product with flawless design and impressive features is no guarantee of success if
it fails to resonate with potential customers. The true test lies in crafting a product that not only fulfills
their needs but also delights them for the long haul. How do we ensure that our products win the hearts
of customers?
The solution lies in practicing product alchemy, an art that involves attentive listening, cultivating
empathy, thoughtful reflection, continuous improvement, and unwavering perseverance.