Milos Belčević

Senior Product Manager @ Clarivate & Toptal

Milos Belcevic is a Senior Product Manager at Clarivate, a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics, data and workflow solutions, and Product Manager at Toptal, elite network gathering top 3% of talent in tech and product. He helped build, reshape and grow various digital products in numerous industries at organizations ranging from an MIT startup to publicly traded international corporations. Also had a few failed startups, a successful publishing house and held a TEDx talk. He is currently focusing on his work and writing a book on applying Product Thinking to everyday life – Build Your Way.

10.00 - 10.45

Yellow Track Online Agenda, 09.00-17.00

Is PRD dead? Best Practices for Going from a Static Document, to Alignment and Collaboration

Product Requirement Document (PRD) is one of the artifacts in product management causing heated debates – is it old-fashioned, waterfall document, or is it a good tool in a product manager’s toolkit? The best answer may not be one or the other, but rather that it depends on how and when it’s used. In this talk, we will cover the tips and pitfalls of using a PRD, backed by theory and industry best practices, as well as first-hand experiences from different work settings, ranging from freelance projects to in-house initiatives.