Jovana Ilijašević

Group Manager of Product Operations @ LearnUpon

Jovana currently works as a Product Operations Manager in LearnUpon. Throughout her career she covered roles from sales, business development and product which gives her good 360 view on how companies work. Besides e-learning and software space, she has experience in working with companies from telco, banking and production industries. Her main focus is on business optimisation and innovation. Outside of work Jovana practices historical fencing and she's not afraid of a good fight.

10.00 - 10.45

Red Track 2023 - Online Agenda, 09.00-17.00

Product Operations - helping Product Managers be their best selves

In recent years Product Operations has been on a rise. From tech giants to fast growing companies, this is a hot topic for anyone interested in enhancing their Product Management. Let's talk about what this function entail, how Product teams benefit from it and most importantly - does your organisation need Product Operations?