Dunja Stanivuković

Lead Project Manager @ Zühlke
  • Dunja Stanivukovic is a PMP certified Project Manager and has joined Zühlke in January 2022. She has an MSc in Finance from Bocconi University and has specialized throughout her career in digital transformations and change management. Her main area of expertise includes custom and packaged system development and implementation. Dunja worked mainly as a trained Agile Product Owner, in fast-paced, complex and service-oriented environments. Her passion is improving 'ways of working' by leveraging the power of digital tools.
14.00 - 14.45

Yellow Track 2023 - Online Agenda, 09.00-17.00

Consultant View: leading teams through successful product discovery

Based on substantial experience with leading different client teams through product discoveries, we will share our best practices, frameworks and tools to use to successfully guide product discovery teams to a desired result. Topics that we will cover include: treating product discoveries as mini projects with clear discovery goals, agile chartering as a tool to help you as an outsider (consultant) to quickly grasp the product vision, team/environment context and drive quick alignment within the team on the ways of working. Last we will share a summary of key tips to think about when approaching product discovery projects.