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ROADMAPS Conference


“Serbian Product Community” is a team of professionals from Product Development domains who work on our region becoming a hub of ideas and creativity on Europe’s business map by supporting local teams to make original and innovative tech-based products.

Our team helps start and accelerate this transformation by promoting Product Development related topics and practices, informing, educating, networking, and advising companies and individuals that want to make tech-based products for placement on the local or foreign market.


  • Building local and regional Product community
  • Organising socializing and events in order to exchange ideas and experiences
  • Publishing and sharing of different related content
  • Organising conferences, training, and workshops

Last year, 2022, Roadmaps Conference had its second edition online.

The event was done through a Zoom call, using Zoom rooms as separate speaking tracks.

For that event we had

  • 45-minute sessions
  • 3 tracks of sessions happening in parallel
  • 21 sessions
  • 23 presenters
  • 173 tickets were sold
  • 10 tickets gifted through promotions

During the event, we had around 80 people on average in the Zoom call throughout the day. People were shifting throughout the day, jumping into the sessions they were interested in.

The conference was promoted organically through Serbian Product Community’s social network channels, the personal accounts of speakers, the channels of their companies, and promotions by our sponsor companies.

We also had the support of other local communities that helped promote our conference, like StartIt, ICT Hub, etc.

At the end of the same-day networking event, a discussion panel was held in person in ICT Hub. There were 60 people present in person, 4-panel participants and over 30 questions from audience participants managed to answer in an hour and a half.

Roadmaps Conference covers the variety of topics related to product development as well as development of product organisations, product teams and personal development. This approach brings the wide audience. Here is the split based on their domain and seniority.

Roadmaps Conference in 2023 will follow a lot of the same things from the previous year that worked well and new things that will allow us to grow.

The conference as an event is going to stay online. It will be done through a Zoom call, using Zoom rooms as separate speaking tracks.

All talks will be done in English this year, to enable colleagues from different countries to join us.

Talks will be recorded and published publicly on the community’s YouTube channel.

We will have:

  • 45-minute sessions, starting on a full hour
  • 15-minute breaks between sessions
  • 3 tracks of sessions happening in parallel.
  • 21 sessions maximum

After the conference itself, this year, we will have an in-person networking event for all the conference participants.

During this event, we’re looking to organize a panel on the topic of

Learning and growth of people in product development”.

We’re looking to explore what way the companies are thinking about product-related roles, how they see the product roles evolving in their organizations, what their plans are and where those roles fit in, what their plans for product development are, what the growth of those roles is, etc.

Conference talks cover a wide range of topics, but they are all centered around three main areas:

Product – Use cases and interesting experiences from product development

Process – digital and non-digital tools, improving how we do things

People – personal development, team and organizational development, product leadership, organizational culture, etc.

Speakers are dominantly from the local region, but we always have guests from other locations.

For more details about speakers, talks and topics, please follow this website to keep up to date.

  • Position your company as an expert in the industry by sharing your knowledge and experience as part of the conference program
  • Engage with the product development community and with your target groups – Product, Software & Business Development, experts, and a wide range of management professionals, Marketing, Design, Agile practitioners, coaches, Founders
  • Increase your brand visibility in the product community by promoting your brand at the conference and gain regional and national coverage through product community social media channels: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Meetup, and via conference Newsletter to all conference participants.
  • Leave an impact by presenting the world your business story, network, and collaborate with people in product development to uncover new opportunities
  • Promote your product-led culture by showing your road to new and developmental approaches to business, people, product development, and technologies
  • Support continuous learning and development by contributing to the development of the product community, its access to relevant knowledge, experience, and skills
  • Educate your employees – get free tickets, as well as discounts for additional conference tickets and discounts for upcoming training

For more details and further information reach us on our email adress: